dwarfrabbitBunnies make great pets for kids of all ages!  Rabbits are easy to care for and require corner boxsimilar maintenance as a cat. These sweet little animals are self groomers and can be easily litter box trained, allowing the  bedding to be changed only a couple of times a week.

sunseedrabbitRabbits thrive on a diet of alfalfa based pellet supplemented with timothy hay, and  can be treated with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is however very important to omit treating rabbits with any type of lettuce or watermelon as this could cause diarrhea and quickly dehydrate your rabbit.

A great tip for first time bunny owners is to make sure when you purchase your rabbits’ cage, it is large enough to house your bunny once it is full grown, ensuring you won’t have to purchase a second cage in under a year.

Once your new family member is settled in your home, you can allow them to explore, chewbloxunder your supervision, ensuring any cords and house plants are out of reach of your new pet. Rabbits have a strong natural urge to chew, to help control this issue, supplement with chewblox and wooden chew sticks as well as toys.

Ensuring your bunny lives in a stress free environment, neither too hot or cold will ensure an 8-10 year life span!