marashellferretsferretfoodAll of our ferrets are Marshall’s ferrets, one of the worlds largest breeders, and come with a one year health guarantee, ensuring the health of your new pet, as long as you continue feeding the Marshall brand food. Our ferrets are altered, descented, and handled daily to keep them friendly and socialized, and work on litter training our ferrets.  Registration information is provided at the time of purchase, and we recommend registering your pet as this insures your health guarantee through Marshall’s.

These weaselly animals are very energetic and smart.  They tend to be out-going and ferrethammocksomewhat sneaky, being easily entertained with anything from cat toys to paper bags. An important bit of information for any new ferret owner is to keep all shiny objects put away from your pet, they do like to take them and will create several clutches. It is likely that you won’t find their clutches without looking long and hard.