We carry a variety of small to medium size lizards that are easy to keep and care for! From beginner keepers to experts we have a lizard that will meet your need and expertise level! Here are a few of our current selections!

anole                Green and Brown Anole’s are a great beginning lizard and are able to be kept in  the same enclosure as house gecko’s and some tree frogs! They eat crickets and love to have high places to climb to.  The average life span of one of these guys is about 4 years, if not longer, when properly cared for.

house gecko

House gecko’s are another good beginner lizard. While they are much quicker than the Anole, great care should be taken to never remover the entire top of their enclosure to prevent their escape. Both species of these little lizards require daily misting and greenery to hide in, as well as a small water bowl and crickets as their diet.

Veiled ChameleonVeiled Chameleon’s are one of the most popular chameleon species in the reptile pet world.  They are able to look in any direction without turning their bodies as their eyes swivel 180 degrees in each direction independently.  These guys are super cool to watch as everything they do is at a very leisurely pace!