Small Animal


chintreatsWe carry a variety of supplies for your small furry friends! Check out our assortment of sunseedpretzsticksfood and treats from Vita-Kraft and Sun Seed! We carry a variety of products to cover the nutritional needs of rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, ferrets and guinea pigs.


We offer a variety of recycled and natural bedding choices. Ranging from traditional carefreshshaved pine bedding to crinkle cut. In store we use and recommend Carefresh bedding, this wonderful product works great to keep the smell down as well as being super absorbent and expandable, thus saving you money!




Our shelves are stocked with several options of habitats for your new family member. We carry aquariums with screen tops for your most basic superpetpinkenclosure, all the way up to funnels to connect your Critter Trail habitats! We offer a selection of Run about balls and other accessories for both inside and outside of your small animals’ home.