Science Diet

All Hill’s® pet foods combine exceptional health benefits with excellent value, costing just a few cents more per day than grocery store brands and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Hills comes in a vast variety, from puppy to senior, corn free as well as grain free, covering both a hard kibble and canned food as well.  Depending on your dogs daily needs and activity level will help us to determine which Science Diet recipe will work best to fit his needs. So take care of him with love, exercise and precisely balanced nutrition – all of which are essential to maintain his health for a long and happy life. idealbalance science diet

Science Diet recently introduced their new Ideal Balance line which is corn free, and they also have a grain free version as well. Ideal Balance is a great option for dogs that have itchy skin and coat, chew their paws, or have allergies! This line is a Chicken as the first protein line, it is specially balanced for optimal overall health as well as improved digestion!