NutriSource is an all natural based dog food offered in a variety of flavors. The entire line we carry is corn free! The elimination of corn from your pet’s diet will help to change their coat and eating habits drastically. By eliminating corn as a main ingredient your dog will EAT LESS, DRINK LESS, SHED LESS, and POOP LESS!  We also carry the grain free line, PureVita holistic line,  as well as being able to order the Natural Planet Organic line.


NutriSource-Adult-Compostable-bag-225x300We offer NutriSource in Chicken and Rice for Adult dogs, Small and Medium Breed Puppies, as well as Large Breed Puppies and Large Breed Adults. We also stock Lamb and Rice in Adult and Large Breed Adult. For dogs over 7 we offer Senior diet and we do have Weight Management if your dog has a little more to love!




In the Grain Free line we carry Chicken, Lamb, Seafood Select, and Heartland Select. The ns_gf_heartland_a copyGrain Free line is a great option for families with an adult dog as well as a puppy as this line is an all life stages food. The Grain Free line has higher protein levels to sustain your puppy growth as well as glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep joints, muscles and tendons lubricated in your adult dogs.

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PureVita is our Holistic line which again is an all life stages food. This line is also amazing because it is a true single source protein line and provides significantly more amounts of protein!  Your  dogs’ coat will become softer and shiner as well as helping to eliminate excess shedding  as PureVita provides significantly more amounts of Omega 3 for skin and coat care.




Natural Planet Organic formulas incorporate core organic nutrition, proteinated minerals (meaning minerals are in their natural form and easily digested), prebiotics, probiotics, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. Natural Planet is also certified organic!