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  1. I lost my long hair chic about a month ago, due to heart condition and age. I had her for 14 years. My mother lives with me and I am looking for a small dog that will be a companion for her and of course myself. Do you have a small dog that would be a good match for us. We both will spoil it rotten and give it a awesome home.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss of your sweet baby. The only small breed dog we have right now is a Male Jack Russell. He is on the left on our homepage. We will always keep updated pictures on our site. If there is a specific breed you are looking for we can notify you when we get that type in. Just give us a call 502.361.9838 and we will write your name in our doggie book :)

  2. Are you all or will you take a deposit today SUNDAY for one of the female pups you have and pay the rest on WEDNESDAY and pick up the pup the day I pay the balance?

    1. I am also looking for bunnies. Do you have bunnies or do you know of another pet store in the area that does? Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the web address! My husband, myself, and our four children… well five when you count our beautiful fawn doberman pup Lucian would be so overjoyed to add a sweet cuddly kitten into our loving, crazy, mixed up world! Please let me know when y’all get some kittens. I would be so thankful! On a side note I personally have wanted a tea cup pig since I was six, so I’d love help finding one of those too! Your pet shop is the best in Louisville!

    1. Thank you for the compliment! We will post pictures as soon as we get the little fuzz balls and I will try to message you on fb or on here! You should enter Lucian in our Mutt Madness contest via WBKI! I think today is the last day to enter if you haven’t already done so!

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