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  1. Our small rats start at $5.99, and we have cages large enough for rats starting at $42.99. A bag of rat food is $5.99, and we have bedding for the cage starting at $2.99. We also have plenty of toys, chews, and treats to choose from to spoil your new furry friend!

    1. Our Guinea Pigs are $21.99 and include 3 lbs. of food. We have cages starting at $49.99, water bottles starting at $3.39, bedding starting at $2.99, and food dishes big enough for guinea pigs starting at $4.99. You’d also want to get hay for them, and that starts at $5.99, so altogether it would be around $90 for everything, not including any toys or treats you may want. However, currently we do not have any guinea pigs, but you can stop in or call first because we do get them in pretty frequently.

    1. We actually don’t have any rats available right now, but we should have some more in Tuesday if you want to try back. Since we will have just gotten them in, they won’t be considered hand tamed as we haven’t had time to work with them, but they are usually pretty friendly right off the bat.

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